Our Story


The Clarins bought their first cow in 2009, in fact we bought two commercial black cows. We bought a steer with the intention of feeding it out and a heifer with the intention of breeding it to increase the size of the herd. The steer was fed out and butchered and the heifer was quickly sold as it was realized that we wanted to go a different route in the cattle industry. Without any hesitation, we jumped on the Registered Black Angus band wagon which has proven to be the right decision. We purchased our first Registered Black Angus from a farm auction in northern Minnesota. We bought three heifers that we thought were artificially inseminated. Well, wouldn't you know that as the due dates of the calves came and went, it was clear that the calves were not from the bulls we had hoped. With disappointment, we said that we would try again the following year. Throughout this time, we also bought two more embryo transplanted bred heifers from another small farm in the area. Still not owning our own bull the following spring, we rented a bull to have our cows bred. It was at this time, we decided that we needed to buy our own bull, which we did- Schiefelbein Answer 1082. From then on the focus has been on constantly improving and growing our herd and developing heifers that small farmers like us would be proud to own. We have had our share of disappointment and steep learning curves but we now own a herd of cattle that we are proud to have. We have no intentions of ever owning a huge herd as we simply do not have the land to do so, but rather owning a small herd that produces high quality cattle.

Along with the cattle on the farm, we have horses, (our own and ones that are boarded), chickens which we keep for eggs, a cat and of course a dog. We love what we do, and even though at times it seems like a lot of work and quite frankly overwhelming it is all worth it.





Briarose Farm is located in the heart of central MN, just five miles east of Princeton. Bob and Donna Clarin have lived on the 40-acre farm since 1988 and raised three daughters there- Marissa (Spencer), Micayla and Mariah. Besides farming, Bob also owns SafetyFirst Playground Maintenance. SafetyFirst Playground Maintenance services many schools and city parks around Minnesota, South Dakota, and North Dakota. Donna is a registered nurse at St. Cloud Hospital and has been there for 25 years. As for their three daughters, Marissa is a pharmacist in North Dakota and recently married Spencer. Micayla is a registered nurse at St. Cloud Hospital and is also the cowherd manager. Last but not least, Mariah is currently finishing up her last year at South Dakota State University with a major in Advertising and Graphic Design. She also owns her own photography business called Mariah Elise Photography.