Black Angus Beef

For Sale

We pride ourselves in the steers that we raise. All of our steers are pure bred Black Angus born and raised on our farm. Angus are known for their high quality marbling not found in other cattle and their fantastic flavor. We raise the calves on pasture until weaning and then they are finished on grass hay and a corn and soybean feed mixture. We send the steers in for processing at about 12 to 13 months old. All of the steers are processed at French Lake Butcher Shop in South Haven, MN. The processing can be done to any specifications that you would like including wet or dry aging. Check out French Lake Butcher Shop's website at for more information on their custom beef processing options. We sell beed by the quarter, half or whole. Orders can be placed all year, however, we only bring steers in for processing in the spring and fall. We pride ourselves in the qaulity of steers we raise and the way we care for them while we have them. In turn, we have a great product. For this reason, we only have a select amount of steers that we process each year and they sell quickly. We sell on a first come first serve basis, so get your order in today for the 2016 grilling season! For more information and availabiltiy contact Bob or Micayla.